Food Inspires More High Fashion; Beresford-Redman Case Ramps Up

• Lady Gaga’s meat-dress has inspired fashion designers to create more clothing out of food such as Xena: Warrior Princess costumes made of chocolate and a two-tone cabbage leaf dress for Cloris Leachman. [WSJ]

• Some New York writer comes to L.A. and bags on the food, while mistakenly calling Super Rica a “street cart” and confessing her love for Poquito Mas and Chipotle. [Metro]

• An investigation into the marriage of Survivor producer/murder suspect Bruces Beresford-Redman and his slain wife Monica, owner of Zabumba restaurant, reveals that he was having an affair, frequent fights with his wife, and once made a $5,000 phone sex call. [LAT and AOL]

• Those two Japanese citizens accused of trying to smuggle 55 turtles into LAX disguised as snack boxes have pleaded not-guilty. [KSCW]

• From farm-raised food in Burlington, Vermont, to wine and cheese in Santa Rosa, California, CNBC weighs in on the country’s top cities for chowing down. Let the food fights begin! [CNBC]

• Martha Stewart has a new TV show on baking basics. Wonder if the former inmate will whip up a crowbar cake. [AP]

• Atkins for babies! One Stanford pediatrician is putting forward his theory that white rice cereal, long thought to be healthy, actually predisposes infants to obesity since it’s a whopping 97 percent carbs. [ABC News]

• You might have to get your omega-3s from farmed fish, which are on the verge of overtaking wild-caught ones globally. [NYT]

• The barbecue trend has officially gone mainstream: Chili’s is testing six new barbecue menu items, including rolled quesadillas and smoked wings. [NRN]

Food Inspires More High Fashion; Beresford-Redman Case Ramps Up