Now’s When the ‘Real Worrying’ Starts For Pat Cancelliere

943 Photo: Collin Keefe

Finally, after nearly two years in the works, long overdue 943, the Italian-Argentine BYOB we first told you back in August 2009 was “opening soon” in the Italian Market — a claim we repeated again last August and followed up on in December — quietly opened to the public on Thursday. Chef-owner Pascual “Pat” Cancelliere told Grub Street they served a “small crowd” opening night and on Friday, but had a packed house on Saturday. “It was great, but now’s when the real worrying starts,” Cancelliere joked earlier today. “I thought I was nervous before about opening; now I have worry about keeping everything running smooth and getting people to come in.”

Cancelliere’s opening menu features housemade ravioli, papas fritas with parsley, garlic and fried egg, empanadas, and gambas nueve de Julio, sautéed shrimp, garlic, saffron, onion and parsley.

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Now’s When the ‘Real Worrying’ Starts For Pat Cancelliere