Fig’s Becoming a Meat Market on V-Day

Photo: FIG

If a seven-course menu of chocolate savories isn’t appetizing to your better half, Fig chef Ray Garcia plans a “meat-market” menu full of carnivorous and offal options on Valentine’s Day. While the right side of the menu will be dedicated to the usual market-sourced produce (hey, why not when vegetarians supposedly make better lovers), the left side has such offerings as veal kidneys with smoked bacon and egg yolk ravioli, duck heart tartare, crispy pig ear, braised tongue with tomatillo, oxtail, kurobuta meatballs, and tripa alla Romagna, among a selection of steaks, charcuterie, chicken oysters, and his signature bacon-wrapped bacon from a whole bacon section. Wow. Check out the menu below and make reservations at 310-319-3111.

February 14th




Nduja with Grilled Bread 12
Duck Rillette 9
Roquefort Pate 10
La Quercia Organic Prosciutto 7
Foie Gras and Chicken Liver Parfait 7
Salami Platter 7
Charcuterie Sampling 7


Kurobuta and Cavalo Nero Meatballs 13
Chicken Oysters 13
Heirloom Apples, Arugula
Buffalo Turkey Wings 14
House-Made Blue Cheese, Crudite
Curried Lamb Ribs with Cucumber Raita 14


Bacon Fricassee with Escargot and Wild Mushrooms 18
Prawns with Bacon-Habañero Marmalade 19
Bacon Tacos 6
Bacon-Wrapped Bacon 16
Fuerte Avocado, Tomatoes

Offal and Tasty Bits

Braised Tongue 11
Tomatillo, Breakfast Radish
Chicharrones with Hot Sauce Aioli 10
Oxtail with Prunes and Orange 26
Tripa alla Romana 13
Crispy Pig’s Ear 15
Frisée, Poached Egg
Duck Heart Tartare 13
Veal Kidneys 17
Smoked Bacon, Egg Yolk Ravioli, Beurre Rouge

All Natural, california prime, Aged 32 Days

12 oz New York Strip 39
8 oz Bavette 26
18 oz Porterhouse 59
Côte de Boeuf for Two 68



Marinated Laura Chenel Cabecou 13
“Date by Duvall” 14
Stuffed with Blue Cheese and Almonds
Young Beets with Santa Barbara Pistachios 13
Grilled Tofu with Harissa Marmalade 10
Smoked Salsify with Wild Mushrooms 12
Hand-Stretched Mozzarella 11
Coleman Farms Herb Pesto


Roasted “Baylick Farms” Tomato Soup 13
Blistered County Lime “Little Gem” Romaine 14
Reggiano, White Anchovy
Market Salad 14
Seasonal Produce from the Farmer’s Market
Chicory and Orange Salad 15
Spiced Pistachios, Goat Cheese
Scarlet Quinoa 15
Chard, Butternut Squash, Apples, Marcona Almonds
Garcia Farms Persimmon Salad 14
Grapefruit, Almonds, Mint
Bernard Ranch Citrus Salad 15
Avocado, Frisée
Coastal Organic Fennel Salad 14
Mandarin Jelly, Caraway


Red Beet Risotto 21
Carnaroli Rice, Asparagus, Crème Fraîche, Dill
Vegetable Curry 18
Squash, Eggplant, Jasmine Rice
Warm Parmesan and Avocado Tart 22
Maggie’s Farm’s Winter Blend
Millet Bowl 19
Vandouvan Chickpeas, Heirloom Carrots, Green Chile Chutney
Lasagne 23
Sunchokes, Braised Leeks, Chanterelle Mushrooms


Weiser Farm Romanesco with Sage and Hazelnuts 12
Parsnips with Honey and Horseradish 9
Braised Chestnuts with Kohlrabi 11
Slow-Cooked Cavolo Nero 10
Bordeaux Spinach with Pine Nuts and Dates 9
Eggplant with Mint Pesto and Sumac 11
Fingerling Potato and Cheddar Pierogi 13
Pommes Frites 13

Fig’s Becoming a Meat Market on V-Day