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David LeFevre Opening Eclectic Restaurant in Manhattan Beach

David LeFevre
David LeFevre Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Chef David LeFevre, who sprang from Water Grill this past September, is looking for staff at his new restaurant, leaving clues as to what we may expect along the way. In a Craigslist posting this morning, LeFevre spills the beans that he’s “opening an eclectic, chef driven restaurant focusing on soulful food, engaging service, hand crafted cocktails and boutique wine selections,” going on to say the restaurant will be “opening in Manhattan Beach this April.” What else?

On his Facebook page, Lefevre is showing the restaurant under construction and displays an esoteric logo that may or may not be related to the project’s name. LeFevre appears to have general manager Jerry Garbus (formerly of Water Grill, I Cugini, and Ocean Avenue Seafood) in place, who cites Manhattan Beach Post as his employer where he’s been GM since January 2011. Hmmm…

The chef is also looking for a morning baker, leading us to believe his next project will be open for breakfast and could be designed as a neighborhood place rather than a glossy dinner destination. As for “eclectic,” we’re going to take it that the self-proclaimed “seafood geek” might veer from the ocean a bit on his first solo, hand-crafted cocktail-centric venture and by now we know the “Seattle.Salmon.Wood.” comments left on his departure post were probably just red herring. Stay tuned for updates as we learn more about this heavily anticipated South Bay-based project from LeFevre.

David LeFevre Opening Eclectic Restaurant in Manhattan Beach