Danny Elmaleh Brings Graceland French Toast and A Pickle Recipe to The Abbey’s New Menu

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Danny Elmaleh took a minute away from Cleo, where this SBE corporate chef runs the kitchen, to deliver a new menu of bar eats to The Abbey, the company’s long-running West Hollywood lounge and frankly, the only one of their nightlife spaces we can stomach (okay, we admit, we did have some fun nights dancing next to Suge Knight at Privilege). Since his mezze has been so lauded over at The Redbury, Elmaleh took a similar shared small plates approach to The Abbey, with a new bar menu that finds a New York delicatessen possibly standing in as the culinary theme instead of Cleopatra this time. The menu includes in-house preparations of pastrami and pickles, plus chicken and biscuits with a saltine crust, a BLT using Nueske’s bacon, rock shrimp tempura, and a mac and cheese in a hot iron skillet. On the full menu, find stout-braised short ribs, Graceland French toast (with banana and peanut butter, naturally), and mini tacos at three bucks a pop (apparently trendy taco adherents still can’t match the street price of regular-sized tacos). Check out the full menu below, now being served at The Abbey, which is also undergoing some cosmetic changes to be revealed soon.

The Abbey’s New Menu


Charred Corn / chili guajillo, parmesan, cilantro 8
Artichoke Dip / extra cheesy!, bloomsdale spinach, roasted artichokes 13
Mac & Cheese / hot skillet! crispy topping 10
Nachos / piled high!, stewed black beans, poblanos, lime crema 11
Hummus / pickled vegetables, grilled pita 9
Sliders / lettuce, tomato, cheese, special sauce 12
Pork Sliders / carolina mustard bbq sauce 10
Short rib Quesadilla / cheese, charred poblanos, salsa roja 12
Rock Shrimp / tempura, sweet spicy aioli, candied nuts 11
Calamari / buttermilk batter, lemon zest, aioli 10
chicken & biscuits / maple ham country gravy, saltine cracker crust 10
Lollipop Wings / spicy! chilies, crushed salted peanuts 12
chicken quesadilla / cheese, chili guajillo, cilantro 11


Corn tortilla, Onions, Cilantro, and Salsa with your choice:
Chicken / Carnitas / Steak
Poblano and Cheese / Fish

From the Garden

Twisted Cobb / frisée, wild arugula,
avocado, fried egg, bacon, blue cheese 15
Market Greek / lettuce, beets, tomatoes,
artichokes, olives, asparagus, feta 15
Chinese Chicken Salad / chopped greens,
wontons, cilantro, sesame vinaigrette 14
Warm Chicken Salad / field greens,
dried cranberries, cucumber, candied walnuts,
goat cheese, balsamic 15
Caesar Salad / classic! romaine, croutons,
parmesan, anchovies 12

Market Vegetables 7 / Seasoned Fries 6
Rosemary Garlic Fries 7 / Mash Potatoes 5
Onion Rings 7 / Pico de Gallo 3
Side Salad 7 / Guacamole 4 / Side Fruit 7

cup 5 / bowl 8
Chicken Noodle / Roasted Tomato Bisque

Sandwiches & Such

Yard Bird Sandwich / chicken breast, swiss, wild
arugula, pesto, ciabbatta 14

BLT /Nueske’s bacon, tomato, basil, aioli, brioche 11

Portobello Sandwich / piquillo peppers, baby wild
arugula, goat cheese, balsamic, ciabbatta 14

Abbey Burger / cabrales blue cheese, balsamic onions,
rosemary fries 15

Pastrami / 7th day pastrami, dijon, corn rye 14

N.Y.M. Grilled Cheese / gruyere, béchamel, roasted
tomato relish 11

7th Day Reuben / pastrami, swiss, sauerkraut,
thousand island, corn rye 14

Green Chili Turkey Burger / roasted poblano chilies,
tomatillo salsa, provolone 12


Steak & Fries / hanger steak, grilled onion, rosemary
garlic fries 24

Grilled Tuna / crispy polenta, pesto, arugula 24
short rib Stout Braise / short ribs, mustard-vinegar, stem-on carrots, roasted tomato relish, mash potatoes 23

Roasted Yard Bird / half roasted chicken, stem- on carrots, garlic confit, gravy, mash potatoes 18

Salmon / mustard crust, mash potatoes, garlic spinach,
pan sauce 24


Abbey Breakfast / 2 eggs any style, bacon / chicken apple sausage, potatoes, toast 9
Huevos Rancheros / black beans, salsa roja, sunny side up, chips 10
Hashed Beef and Egg s / house pastrami, sunny side up, potatoes, chilies 11
Croissant Sandwich / eggs, bacon, tomato, cheddar 11
Ham & Cheese Om elet / potatoes, toast 11
Mushroom Fritt ata / bloomsdale spinach, portobello, piquillo peppers, parmesan 12
Breakfast Burrito / eggs, bacon, potatoes, avocado 12
Graceland French toast / peanut butter, bananas, caramel 12
Pancakes / blueberries, ricotta, maple syrup 12

Abbey bloody mary 10
Mimosa 10


Cakes 8
Triple Berry
Chocolate Strawberry
Italian Wedding Rum

Cheese Cakes 8
Red Velvet Brownie

NY Pies 8
Banana Cream
Chocolate Mousse
a la Mode 2.00

Cookies & Such
Cupcakes 5.00
Ding Dongs 5.00
Cookies 3.50

Danny Elmaleh Brings Graceland French Toast and A Pickle Recipe to The Abbey’s