Costco Ditches Endangered Fish; Where Aubrey Plaza Eats

• Costco has agreed to stop selling twelve varieties of threatened fish, but of course the earnest folks over at Good magazine are still bellyaching. [Good]

• More than a few L.A. nightclubs, including Hyde and Voyeur, have been operating with liquor licenses that define them as restaurants, even though they’re not serving food. [NBC]

• All those requests for aid? Yeah, probably a sign North Korea is stockpiling food. Meanwhile, the Libyan government is offering families $400 for food as part of an effort to curb rioting. [LAT, Jerusalem Post]

Parks & Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza cites Little Dom’s, Alegria, Pho Citi, and Mashti Malone’s as places she enjoys going out to in L.A. in a new celebrity dining feature in L.A. Times called “A Night Out.” [LAT]

• And now for a completely nonsensical story on Umami Burger and possible proof that some blog posts might be written by computers nowadays. [All Voices]

• Riverside’s Casey’s Cupcakes, owned by The Hills player Casey Reinhardt, won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars this week and opened in Laguna Beach last week. [Laguna Beach Independent]

• Breast milk is very nutritious, you know, and free, and a restaurant in London is selling ice cream churned from it! The best part is the flavor’s name: “Baby Gaga.” [BBC]

• So, this guy went through the drive-through at a Kansas KFC and instead of chicken they gave him a bag of cash. And then he returned it. [Kansas City Star]

• Here’s a nice guide to regional barbecue styles, from North Carolina to Chicago, with lots of juicy meat porn thrown in. [SE]

Costco Ditches Endangered Fish; Where Aubrey Plaza Eats