Chick Fil-A Is San Francisco-Bound; Latvian Moviegoer Shot for Eating Popcorn Too Loudly

• Chick Fil-A is planning to open a San Francisco branch, and you better believe the gay community is planning to protest. [SFist, Earlier]

• To be clear, the izakayas we have popping up here aren’t like real izakayas in Japan, which are a lot cheaper and focused on drinking. [SFoodie]

• Safeway is once again doing well, despite the competition, returning to profitability in the fourth quarter of last year. [Examiner]

• Several Oregon Indian tribes have started hunting buffalo again for the first time in a century, but in Montana. [AP/Tribune]

• A moviegoer in Latvia was shot during a screening of Black Swan, allegedly because the shooter had asked him to be quieter as he ate his popcorn, and he refused. [Examiner]

• Here’s an oops: British airline EasyJet is in the doghouse after offering ham and bacon sandwiches on a London-to-Israel flight, with the none of the usual kosher or vegetarian options. [CNN]

• See video of one of the small group of livestock farmers trying to bring back the American bison. The meat is healthier than beef and American-raised, he says. And hey, you never hear of mad bison disease! [HuffPo]

• We never knew Panera had a (now-discontinued) pizza line, Crispani, and evidently neither did a lot of other people: The company just settled a lawsuit claiming it inflated Crispani’s success to investors. [NRN]

• After recent grain-price surges, wheat dropped precipitously yesterday as speculators cut their estimates owing to recent political uprisings in grain-importing North African and Middle Eastern countries, and escalating violence in Libya. [Bloomberg]

Chick Fil-A Is San Francisco-Bound; Latvian Moviegoer Shot for Eating Popcorn