“Character Approved” and Practice Dinners: Your Achatz Video Update

Photo: Courtesy of YouTube

Does Grant ever sleep? With this week already filled with loads of news about his new projects, we were surprised to find these two new videos appear today.

• Grant Achatz is recipeient of the “food honor,” at this year’s “Character Approved Awards” on the USA Network. So…what does that mean? According to the release, one gets the award by “changing the face of American culture by influencing our opinions, style, and views of the world through innovations in their respective fields .” Okay, we’ll give him that. There is even a fancy video about his “road to culinary perfection.” [USA]

• Achatz also released a new video about Next, which showcases a practice dinner that was held on Tuesday. Those Oeufs Benedictine make an appearance, as does the duck press. But what is most impressive is watching the immense amount of work that goes into each plate that is sent out. It’s kind of exhausting. Check out the full video below. [Gachatz/Twitter]

“Character Approved” and Practice Dinners: Your Achatz Video Update