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Broken English: Trouble Ahead for the Celeb Chef?

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The Globe reports today that Todd English’s Faneuil Hall restaurant, Kingfish Hall, is $30,000 behind in rent and faces eviction.

It’s one of many Faneuil Hall tenants to face the wrath of General Growth Properties Inc., who run Faneuil Hall Marketplace and plan to crack down on struggling businesses. Of course, it’s the economy’s fault. Per English: “We have been in this historic Boston location for 10 years and amidst the tough economy, business has been waning. We have been in discussions, trying to work with the owners to re-concept our location for several months now, and that process is ongoing.”

Uh, hopefully he’ll have time to “re-concept” while opening his new New York “gastropub times 100,” Cross Bar, which sounds like a virtual Epcot Center cocktail of taco bar, pork temple, old-timey diner, burger joint, and Mexican village. And at least his daughter can hold down the Boston fort with that cute Beacon Hill cupcake spot!

Faneuil Hall Shop Owners Decry Landlord’s Tough Tactics [Globe]

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Broken English: Trouble Ahead for the Celeb Chef?