Blogger Sued by Benihana; Letter-Grading Begins for Food Trucks

• A blogger in Kuwait is being sued and slapped with $18,000 in fines for writing a poor review of Benihana. If that were the policy in this country, we bet there’d be a lot of bloggers in jail. [Fast Company]

• Nearly one-third of Somalian children face severe malnutrition because of a recent drought. [Guardian UK]

• The letter-grading of food trucks is underway, but it will take until June 2012 for all of them to get graded. A blogger could probably eat at every truck and post about them about in half the time. Anyone? [KABC]

• Hey, DJ Susan Feniger, sound ‘pon de replay! The Street chef picks a Valentine’s Day playlist. Oooh, Sade! [Susan Feniger]

• LAUSD won’t even allow Jamie Oliver to co-operate with one of its affiliated schools, as it once had planned. Could it be back to the drawing board for Food Revolution? [Eater]

• Remember recent news that your tap water was toxic? The EPA might do something about it. [Examiner]

• Two women have sued the Safeway grocery store chain for failing to notify its club members about recalled foods. [San Francisco Chronicle]

• File under “cruel ironies”: A recent study has linked food assistance programs to obesity. [Clinton News]

• Speaking of obesity, Dunkin’ Donuts had a really good year in 2010, with a 50 percent increase in development deals like multi-store outlets. [NRN]

• In case you’re in the market, discount grocer BJ’s Wholesale Club has put itself up for sale. [USAT]

Blogger Sued by Benihana; Letter-Grading Begins for Food Trucks