Better Get That $625 Cookbook While You Still Can

Photo: courtesy Modernist Cuisine

Are you one of the 2,721 people who preordered Modernist Cuisine? If so, you might be getting your copy of Nathan Myhrvold’s epic, six-volume cooking guide very soon! (Yes, six volumes: five individual books and a kitchen manual.) The first copies are due to arrive in Seattle in a mere three days! Unfortunately, according to a blog post on the book’s promotional site, said copies number just 500. (Myhrvold & Co. had a few more flown over in advance — but it’s a safe bet those copies won’t be leaving Modernist Cuisine HQ anytime soon.) So, the 500 of you who ordered your books first will be getting them shortly. The other 2,221 of you will have to wait for more copies to arrive in the next couple of months. And if you haven’t yet plunked down your six bills for the book? Well, you might soon be out of luck.

According to the same blog post, “the possibility of a shortage of Modernist Cuisine looms in our future.” That’s because the team is only printing 6,000 of the darn things and nearly half of those are already spoken for. And you know it’s just a matter of time before Myhrvold pops up on the Today show or something, does some whiz-bang cooking demo for all of America to see, and sells out the other 3,000 copies in like an hour. And then where are you going to turn when you want to learn how to make “risotto” out of root vegetables or a sous-vide hollandaise sauce?

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Better Get That $625 Cookbook While You Still Can