Another Tacombi to Hit NYC Streets by Summer

Say hello to another one of these.
Say hello to another one of these. Photo: Danny Kim/New York Magazine

Fonda Nolita owner Dario Wolos tells Grub Street that Tacombi, the taco-slinging VW bus that sits inside his spacious Nolita eatery, will have a brother or sister on NYC streets hopefully by May. “I think it’ll be in a fixed location,” he says, mentioning that he’s scoping spaces in Williamsburg and Manhattan, but is “still deciding” on a final parking place. And this might not be the last taco wagon he’ll unleash: “The plan is to open more Tacombis around the city in different formats.”

While you’re waiting on that, head down to Fonda soon to check out that coffee window we mentioned earlier, which Wolos hopes to unveil by the end of the month. It’ll peddle Café La Antigua–brand java in Mexican styles like café con leche and cortados. There’ll also be iced coffee, desserts including possibly churros, cajeta, and tres leches cake, and come summer, housemade paletas.

If a beverage with some bite is more your speed, the latest update on the restaurant’s liquor-license debacle is that, contrary to what we’d been told, it won’t necessarily receive a beer and wine permit by March — rather, the community board could vote yay or nay when the proposal is brought before them in a couple of weeks. Wolos says some would-be diners walk out when they learn they can’t have a beer: “I can’t tell you how many people I turn away.” Still, he’s cheered that “we’ve been able to hold our own with food sales.” If you’d like to hurry and get one of those Kelso-brewed Mexican-style beers, sign the petition the next time you’re in.

Another Tacombi to Hit NYC Streets by Summer