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Another Gourmet Special Edition Hits Newsstands Today — Will You Get It?

Photo: courtesy Conde Nast

Bon Appétit may be getting all the love from the press these days, but Condé Nast would like you to know that one of its other culinary brands has something special in the works. No, not Epicurious. Or Dash. Gourmet! Today the publishing company tells us that it’s releasing its latest special edition: Gourmet Italian Kitchen. As with the Quick Kitchen special that came out last year, this $11 bookazine is made up of old Gourmet recipes (80-ish of them, like this one and this one), with a new layout and some snazzy new photos. But that’s not all.

Condé also lets us know that they’ll be releasing two more special editions this year. One’s slated for the summer and the other should be out in time for the holidays. (They wouldn’t tell us what the topics of those specials would be, but the smart money’s on “grilling” and “cookies,” respectively.)

So here’s what we’re wondering: What do people think of these specials? Do they serve as nice reminders of the Gourmet that once was? Are they useful, go-to cooking aides? Or are they too little too late from a company that may have prematurely pulled the plug on the Gourmet brand? Let us know how you feel!

Another Gourmet Special Edition Hits Newsstands Today — Will You