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After Kandy Kake Sliders Levin Eyes Waffle-Fried Chicken

Adsum's Kandy Kake sliders
Adsum’s Kandy Kake sliders Photo: Adsum

Those Kandy Kake sliders that Matt Levin’s been blowing the local and national media’s minds with in recent days are just one on what seems like a limitless string of outlandish ideas pouring out of the Adsum chef-owner’s brain. And while the novel creation, which finds house-ground brisket patties sandwiched between two peanut butter Kandy Kakes, will remain a regular off-menu item at the Queen Village bistro for the time being, Levin is busy readying a bunch of new dishes, including waffle-fried chicken for a menu update that will happen over the next two weeks. “We’re going to start mixing things up next week,” Levin told Grub Street. “One of the things we’re changing is the bread on the fried chicken from cornbread to waffles.”

When he first opened Adsum last summer, his critically acclaimed bird featured a biscuit breading that was later changed to cornbread. The change to a waffle-based breading is something of compromise. Levin originally planned to switch his menu mainstay fried chicken and collards to chicken and waffles. But regulars scoffed at the idea. “So I thought, why not try and change the bread to waffles,” Levin said. “That makes the dish chicken and waffles and keeps the collards.”

While many of the menu’s core items like the poutine will remain intact, some dishes to keep an eye out for going forward include striped bass, fried mac and cheese “sheets,” and deviled egg crostini.

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After Kandy Kake Sliders Levin Eyes Waffle-Fried Chicken