A One-Woman Show About Julia Child; Japanese School Serves Whale Meat

• A lady in Sacramento is doing a one-woman show about Julia Child, sponsored by Slow Food Sacramento. Tickets are apparently selling fast, and the performance includes hors d’oeuvres and wine for the audience. [Appetizers/Sac Bee]

• Calling all Tenderloin caffeine/”third-wave” coffee freaks: There’s a Tenderloin Coffee Crawl on February 5. And we thought the ‘Loin was only for bar crawling. [Tenderblog]

• The 100-year-old Claremont Hotel in Oakland, home to Meritage restaurant, has filed for bankruptcy. [Chron]

• The second in a series of verité documentary videos about homeless people on Stevenson alley, in back of Chris Daly’s new bar. [Via Bluoz via SF Citizen]

• One Japanese school caused a controversy by serving whale meat as part of a “cultural” lunch week. Meanwhile, in some U.K. restaurants, shark’s fin is off the menu. [Slashfood, Bloomberg]

• America’s most popular pizza topping is pepperoni, but like most foods Americans love, it’s a bastardized ingredient — it’s definitely not Italian. Speaking of pizza, pie-makers are gearing up for the Super Bowl, one of the year’s “five big pizza days,” according to this article. [NYT, USAT]

• Even if Rulon Gardner, a competitor on The Biggest Loser, sheds some pounds, he might have trouble keeping them off since the restaurant he owns in Wyoming serves a one-and-a-half pound burger. [NYDN]

• Wahoo, another reason to chug-a-lug: Researchers in Vienna have found red wine to be a possible treatment for type 2 diabetes. [Wine Spectator]

• Today in sweets: Dunkin’ Donuts has rolled out a limited-edition cocoa yeast flavor, while Cold Stone Creamery is serving warm desserts. [SE, NRN]

A One-Woman Show About Julia Child; Japanese School Serves Whale Meat