A Look at Two Bits Market’s Space and Menu, Open Downtown

Following the usual months of delays and with the help of one “Fast Eddie“, Brandi Lozano’s Two Bits Market grand-opened yesterday morning adjacent to Downtown’s Alexandria Hotel, following a few weeks of softness. The French-inspired space sells organic produce to a neighborhood that needs it, as well as gourmet food items, a display of cheeses, another of meats, and a rack for wine. The tiny, adorable market also serves a selection of breakfast pastries and range of sandwiches, each named after a currency denomination, with breads coming from BreadBar, making it appear to be a strong addition for Downtown’s lunch crowd, especially when we consider “The Lira.” Check out the sandwich menu below and see our slide show of the space.

Two Bits Market, 210 W. 5th St. Downtown. 213-627-2636.

Two Bits Sandwich Menu

Two Bits Tuna $8.25
White albacore tossed with dill, fennel, red onion, almonds, lemon, water cress on a baguette

The Mark $7.95
Homey ham and cheddar with apple pomegranate and mustard on a roll

Doubloon $8.50
Smoked turkey, house aioli, provolone, roasted red peppers, with basil puree

Franc $9.50
Roast beef, pick ya cheese, horsey-mayo, pickled onions, arugula

The Shekel $9.50
Hot pastrami, cheddar, with whole grain mustard

Ruble $9.50
Corned beef, with swiss, house slaw, and Russian dressing

Lira $9.75
Prosciutto, Black Forest ham, hot copa, pepperoni, salami, provolone, banana peppers, and red wine vinegar

Rupee $7.95
Bean puree, with artichoke, black olives, squash, and arrugula puree

Salads $6.95/lb.
tuna salad, tomato and cucumber, artichoke, olive and squash

Avocado $1.00
Meat $2.00
Cheese .75

A Look at Two Bits Market’s Space and Menu, Open Downtown