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LaBan Praises Taqueria Moroleon’s Chile Relleno; The Corner’s Cocktails Have a ‘Scientific Sense of Precision’

• Craig LaBan checks out Taquería Moroleón’s new location in Avondale and praises the chile relleno, which “revealed a spectrum of perfect textures,” and savors the “the addictive, authentic-styled nachos.” [Inquirer]

• At The Corner, Brian Freedman marvels at the “scientific sense of precision to the Devil in the White City cocktail,” is disappointed by the masa tots, which he says “absorbed a bit too much oil in frying,” and finds the shrimp in a blanket “hits its intended target.” [PW]

• “Twinkles of cumin, coriander and smoked paprika” highlight Kennett’s LaFrieda blend lamb burger for Adam Erace; the hickory and beech wood-fired pizzas provide the “optimal balance of chew and crunch.” [Citypaper]

• The tori no kara-age fried chicken was “a wonderful start” to the Khyber’s Royal Sushi & Izakaya pop-up, and the “rich and warming” hakata-fu tonkotsu was “one satisfying bowl of ramen.” [Penn Appetit]

• The Two Eat Philly gals had reservations about Bibou’s a “tad on the rough side” Bella Vista location, which coincidently has been one of Philly’s most desirable neighborhoods for decades, but found the “pork fat and crumbled, crispy chopped meat” terrine “magical and easily savored,” and the grilled turbot entree “ten times better” than flounder. [Two Eat Philly]

LaBan Praises Taqueria Moroleon’s Chile Relleno; The Corner’s