The Other Critics

Zocalo Lays Off the Heat; The Abbey Is Simply Satisfying

• Zocalo’s newish Back Bay branch plays it safe with spicing and creativity, opines Mat Schaffer; dishes are standard cantina fare (but the signature guacamole remains excellent, as do the margaritas). [Herald]

• Devra First thinks Brookline’s The Abbey is a comfortable, satisfying place to reconnect with friends every now and again. Just avoid the duck confit soup. [Globe]

• Somerville’s Great Taste Diner promises big with its name and mostly delivers, with greasy-spoon classics complemented by solid Peruvian and Mexican fare. MC Slim JB gives a particular nod to “phenomenal” huevos rancheros. [Phoenix]

• MC Slim JB also finds the French-flared seafood at Brookline’s Cognac Bistro (housed in a former gas station) to be impressive. Blue crab remoulade’s a big hit, and there’s free parking, too. [Stuff]

• Robert Nadeau has some quibbles with Jamaica Plain’s Canary Square (not enough bread, an overly ambitious charcuterie selection), but his criticisms are tempered by a fine wood-grilled 10-ounce burger and wood-roasted chicken. [Phoenix]

• Amy Traverso thinks Citizen Public is worth a trip across town. And why not? Fernet-Branca is kept on tap. [Boston]

Zocalo Lays Off the Heat; The Abbey Is Simply Satisfying