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With Downtown’s Umamicatessen, Adam Fleischman is Just Getting Started

Umami impresario Adam Fleischman is starting the year chock-full of ambition. After helping to open Red Medicine and announcing that his chain will proliferate across the country in a truncated form, Eater catches sight of a new Umami-inspired concept coming to Broadway and Ninth Street in Downtown. Named Umamicatessen (no offense Cacao, but we sorta wish people would get over the urge to add the clunky suffix “catessen” to non-delis), Felischman’s next project sounds sort of like what Umami Los Feliz had once promised, a broader range of dishes balancing fifth taste components. Umamicatessen will have four mini kitchens, one for tapas, sandwiches, and wine, another for burgers and brew, a spirits bar with house-cured meats, and a space for desserts.

Fleischman will apparently also engage four well-known chefs to head each kitchen. That is, after he’s “fleisched” out 800°, Westwood’s new pizza restaurant and opened a new Umami outpost in Stuido City towards the end of the month. We once questioned whether Fleischman was expanding too fast; now we just wanna know if we can get five in on the IPO when it comes.

Umamicatessen, 846 S. Broadway Downtown.

Adam Fleischman Partners With Celebrity Chefs To Launch Umamicatessen, Four Mini Restaurants Within One Space [Eater]

With Downtown’s Umamicatessen, Adam Fleischman is Just Getting Started