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What On Earth Was Paz De La Huerta Drinking Last Night?

The Golden Globes have steadily gained a reputation over the years as the one awards ceremony where actors (who normally take themselves way too seriously) are allowed to loosen up with the aid of a few cocktails or a couple of glasses of wine. But as we know all too well, there’s a not-so-fine line between getting loose and being totally bat-shit beschnozzled. Vulture draws our attention to the antics of Boardwalk Empire First Floozy Paz de la Huerta, who was captured on tape trying to turn out an after-after party at Chateau Marmont by the cameras of TMZ. Que pasó con Paz?

De la Huerta arrived at the famously debaucherous Hollywood Hotel (where Jim Morrison once fell from a drain pipe, John Belushi overdosed, and every other celebrity has probably puked on at least one occasion). Clearly she had been sipping something more potent than a Sonoma Syrah or whatever mean soda made Ricky Gervais so brutal on his audience.

Drunk, or something, with her maw agape, De la Huerta did not get past the doorman, who escorted her to a car, telling her she needed “to sober up” while the star protested, “but I can do it.” Subsequent footage showed that no, De la Huerta could not “do it,” as she slipped on the street and ate it, at which point, hello, half of Paz’s pectus popped out of her gown. The very professional doorman awkwardly shielded Paz’s own golden globe from the paparazzi’s prying eyes as they continued to harass the poor girl.

What on earth must Paz have been drinking to turn her into the female Andy Dick (and where can we get some)? We don’t know of anyone in town making Vicodin milkshakes or if this is just the effects of bathtub gin working its way through the actresses’ system, but the whole incident makes us wonder who is actually wilder: Party animal Paz or her crazy Boardwalk Empire character?

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What On Earth Was Paz De La Huerta Drinking Last Night?