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Where to Eat During Restaurant Week

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

DineLA’s restaurant week begins anew this coming Monday. With it lands nearly 300 three-course menus among a long list of local restaurants. Rather than make you sift through each and every one, we combed through some of the newest, most necessary, and outstanding and provided the menus for you to peruse. If you haven’t yet found your way to Cleo, The Raymond, or Starry Kitchen or simply want to savor cooking from first-time participants like Suzanne Goin or Petrossian’s new chef, Giselle Wellman, you’ll find direct routes to what they’re cooking and how to make reservations, hopefully helping you get the leap on your hungry competition. Check out our guide to twelve of restaurant week’s best menus below.

dineLA Restaurant Week
January 23-28th & January 30th-February 4th

All prices excludes alcohol, tax and gratuity


Dinner $44

Choice of Appetizers

roasted pear, endive, hazelnuts, st. agur

market lettuces, barbara’s apples, buttermilk dressing

coppa, soppressata and cacciatorini

Choice of Entrees

clams from the wood oven with sherry

grilled chicken, escarole, anchovy, parmesan

paprika pork chop, potato, chorizo, sofrito
W/ farro and black rice with pinenuts and currants
crushed fingerlings with crème fraîche
cauliflower, curry and red vinegar

Choice of Desserts

chocolate-peanut butter brownie with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream

olive oil cake with chocolate, pistachios and candied orange

pumpkin pot de crème with pecans,brown sugar cream and butter cookies


Lunch $28

Choice of Appetizers

Soupe du Jour
soup of the day

Salade Maraîchère
mixed greens with red wine vinaigrette, warm goat cheese croûton & herbes de Provence

Salade de Betteraves et Poireaux
marinated beet and leek salad with citrus, garden mâche & sherry vinaigrette

Choice of Entrees

Tarte du Jour
tart of the day, served with a garden salad

Croque Madame
grilled ham & cheese sandwich on brioche, fried egg & mornay sauce, served with French Fries

Tartine de Thon Niçoise
open-faced sandwich with fresh tuna salad, hard-boiled egg & niçoise olives, served with French fries

Choice of Desserts

Pot de Crème
ginger infused custard with candied ginger & gingersnap cookies

Crème Caramel
caramel custard

Crème Glacée / Sorbet aux Fruits
ice cream / sorbet

(not included in the price of the dineLA Restaurant Week menu)

Appetizer: Terrine de Jarret de Porc - house made ham hock terrine with pickled vegetables, Dijon mustard & toasted pain de campagne $5
Entree: Boudin Blanc - white sausage with potato purée & poached prunes $5
Dessert: Bouchons - Valrhona chocolate brownies with chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream $2

Dinner $44

Choice of Appetizers

Soupe du Jour
soup of the day

Salade Maraîchere
mixed greens with red wine vinaigrette, warm goat cheese croûton & herbes de Provence

Terrine de Jarret de Porc
house made ham hock terrine with pickled vegetables, Dijon mustard & toasted pain de campagne

Choice of Entrees

Gnocchi à la Parisienne
sautéed gnocchi with a fricassée of garden vegetables & beurre noisette

Moules au Safran
Maine bouchot mussels, steamed with white wine, mustard & saffron, served with French fries

Poitrine de Porc
glazed pork belly with a cassoulet of pole beans & mustard scented pork jus

Choice of Desserts

Pot de Crème
ginger infused custard with candied ginger & gingersnap cookies

Crème Caramel
caramel custard

Crème Glacée / Sorbet aux Fruits
ice cream / sorbet

(not included in the price of the dineLA Restaurant Week menu)
Appetizer: Huîtres - 1/2 dozen oysters $5
Entree: Steak Frites - pan-seared prime flatiron served with maître d’hotel butter & French fries $7
Dessert: Bouchons - Valrhona chocolate brownies with chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream N/A

Dinner $34

Choice of Appetizers

Mezze (2 of your choice)

Lebaneh with feta
Hummus with tahini
Cucumbers & yogurt
Carrot harissa

Artichoke, nicoise olives
Spicy potatoes
Olives, almonds, oranges
Cauliflower, vadouvan, cashews
Eggplant, fennel, chili
Roasted Shishito Peppers


Shrimp briouats

Choice of Entrees

Hanger Steak
Spoon Salad & Grilled Peewee Potatoes

Roast Lamb
Sonoma Lamb Leg with Greek Yogurt& Tabouleh

Grilled Daurade
Cumin, Heirloom Carrots, Beurre Noisétte

Choice of Desserts

“Sabra” Milk Chocolate Bar

Orangesicle Cream, Crispy Hazelnut Praline Coffee Brownie

Sticky Toffee Pudding

French Vanilla Ice Cream, Butter Roasted Walnuts

Apple Streusel

Cinnamon Cider Caramel, Spiced Vanilla Ice Cream


Dinner $44

Choice of Appetizers

farro and green garlic soup with mint and pecorino toast

schaner farms’ citrus salad with avocado and pistachio aillade

arugula salad with blood orange, dates, almonds and parmesan

Choice of Entrees

winter vegetables with saffron cous cous and ginger-mint chutney

grilled chicken paillard with warm spinach salad, parmesan pudding and soft egg

niman ranch hangar steak with chanterelle-potato gratin, roasted shallots and gremolata

Choice of Desserts

chocolate-chestnut tart with marrons glaces and coffee ice cream

vanilla panna cotta with roasted dates, pistachio brittle and tangerine sorbet

sticky toffee pudding with braised pineapple and vanilla ice cream

Night + Market

Dinner $34

Choice of Appetizers

Yum Blue Crab
salted blue crab over green mango slaw

Yum Tuna
diced raw tuna dressed with lime, fish sauce, rice powder, roasted red chile

Yum Octopus
steamed octopus, shallots, mint, lime, bird eye chile

Choice of Entrees

Thai Charcuterie Plate
chieng rai herb sausage + isaan sour sausage (rice-fermented), mortar-pounded ‘noom’ salsa, bird eye chilies + cabbage wedge to tame the heat

Hor Mok Red Snapper
red curry, kaffir lime leaves, coconut cream in a traditional banana leaf ‘tamale’

Moo Ping | Pork Belly Satay
bathed in condensed milk. with cucumber relish, peanut sauce

Ob Gai Game Hen
half a bird, braised with north country aromatics. served with sticky rice + fried shallots**

Kao Soi | Chieng Rai Noodle Soup

rice noodles, pork ‘ong’ ragout, spare ribs. with fresh cilantro, lime wedge + housemade pork rind**

chinon, ‘les petites roches,’ joguet, france ’07***

Kiew Wan Braised Ox Tail
housemade green curry paste, coconut milk, sugar snap peas, thai basil. served with roti**

(not included in the price of the dineLA Restaurant Week menu)
Dessert: Ice Cream Sandwich - enjoyed in ghettos throughout bangkok. housemade coconut ice cream, sweet sticky rice, evaporated milk, toasted mung beans on pan de leche $5

Palate Food & Wine
Dinner $34

Choice of Appetizers

roasted beet + carrot salad / labneh / walnut aillade

warm artichoke tart / st. maure / o.d. grapes / salsify chips

ricotta gnocchi / melted leeks / crispy potatoes / honshimejii mushrooms

Choice of Entrees

black cod / celery root / brussels sprouts / kumquat + bacon + pistachio relish

duck leg confit / stewed chickpeas / radicchio / black olives / preserved orange

braised short rib / blue hubbard squash / cavolo nero / truffle butter

Choice of Desserts

buttermilk panna cotta / winter fruits / orange blossom h2o

persimmon cake / cinnamon anglaise / dates

chocolate pudding / creme fraiche / fleur de sel


Dinner $44

Choice of Appetizers

Duck Confit Salad
Apple, Watercress, Hazelnut

Smoked Sturgeon Risotto
Pressed Caviar, Chive, Creme Fraiche

Cauliflower Soup
Beet Chips, Caviar, Chive Oil

Choice of Entrees

Wild Striped Bass
Yukon Gold Potato Noodles, Vodka Creme Fraiche, Chive, Caviar

Flat Iron Steak
Celery Root Puree, Cumin Roasted Carrots, Crispy Shallots, Red Wine

Truffle Fontina Agnolotti
Asparagus, Mushrooms, Parmesan, Prosciutto

Choice of Desserts

Vanilla Panna Cotta

Espresso Beads, Cardamom Shortbread Cookies

Sorbet Trio

RH Restaurant at Andaz

Dinner $34

Choice of Appetizers

Roasted Holt Farm Beet Salad
romaine hearts, sliced radish, sherry vinaigrette

Perigourdine Poached Egg and Foie Gras
lompoc farm white onion and leeks, cahors wine sauce, truffle butter crostini

Prince Edward Island Mussels
braised leeks, sauvignon blanc sauce and safran

Choice of Entrees

Field Mushroom Risotto Arborio, Black Truffle Sauce
shaved parmesan cheese, arugula

Seared Alaskan Salmon
split pea, baby carrots, white onion, baby spinach, shallot sauce

Traditional Perigord Cassoulet
duck confit, pork sausage, pork belly, white bean, garlic and parsley

Choice of Desserts

Apple Pie Tatin
apple cider sorbet

Walnut Cake with carmel sauce
maggee’s peanut butter ice cream

Chocolate Pie
chestnut and frozen praline bar

Lemon Bar

Starry Kitchen

Lunch $16

Choice of Appetizers

Pandan Chicken
Probably our most universally loved TEST KITCHEN dish: Juicy-licious morsels of chicken marinated in shallots, tumeric, young ginger (aka galanga) & lemongrass, all wrapped in aromatic pandan leaves and then fried to perfection infusing the aroma of the pandan into the already taste-tastic chicken!

Crispy Kimchi Rice Cakes
(Veggie Friendly!) aka “Game Changer #1” - Before The Crispy Tofu Ball, there was this misfit pairing of minced kimchi and parmesan cheese into a deliciously deep fried creation (served w/ a sweet + tangy soy vinegar) to make this one of our many original veggie creations to outshine it’s meaty SK bretheren.

SK Mac + Cheese (+Bacon)
One of our dinner (aka Din-Dins) ONLY dishes: it’s our own playful version of Mac+Cheese made in a 5-cheese sauce we concoct ourselves incl gruyere, sharp cheddar and even Velvetta in a sauterne wine sauce. And then we mix in bacon, minced shiitake mushrooms, jalapenos, fried shallots, carmelized onions.. and did we mention BACON?!?!?!

Choice of Entrees

Spicy Korean Black Pork Belly
All we should really need to say is: BLACK PORK BELLY (aka Kurobuta! aka “Berkshire Pork”) Not enough? It’s marinated in a spicy & o’ so flavorful Korean hot pepper paste (gochujang) mixture, and sauteed w/ delicious sliced red bell peppers. And yes, it‘s a lil fatty & flavorful because.. it’s PORK BELLY!! :p

Braised VN Beef (from “Bo Kho”/Beef Stew)
A classic+flavorful Vietnamese dish with chunks of beef simmered in a stew of lemongrass, 5-spice powder, star anise, fish sauce and annatto seeds. Once it’s topped w/ fresh basil, a splash of lime & a side of tasty au jus you will understand.. O’ J’YES! :)

Lemongrass Tofu
Kinda like it’s chicken cousin, but it’s tofu that is finger / chopstick / fork lickin’ DELICIOUS. (and it takes us two days to make it!) Here’s a simple rule: lemongrass w/ almost anything is awesome. With a lil bit of a heat and a lot of flavor, this = (Veggie) AWESOMENESS

Choice of Desserts

Pandan Flan
If ya don’t know what pandan is, it’s an aromatic leaf from Southeast Asia, and many cultures use the leaf and the extract in both sweet & savory (like the Pandan Chicken!) dishes. We take the extract of the leaf, make our own flan with it that we STEAM (because we don’t haz.. yes HAZ.. an oven) to make a creamier, more aromatic and deliciously subtle green flan.

Young Banana & Tapioca in warm Caramel Coconut Milk
This was our TEST KITCHEN dessert: very traditionally Asian, the name is almost verbatim of what you should expect. Delicious (also carmelized) young banana cooked and served in a rich & creamy mixture of caramel and mouth-watering coconut milk. uh huh huuuuh (I mean, if you like this kinda thing ^_^)

Durian Flan Cheesecake
Only served once at the Eat My Blog Winter 2010 Charity Bake Sale, this flan-like cheesecake contains a subtle balance of the almost always over-powering Durian (aka the “King of Fruits” aka stinky-licious) in cheesecake form topped with a coco caramel sauce. If you’re curious about this famous/infamous Southeast Asian fruit, this is a GREAT entree to see why many people “love to hate this fruit” (We love it ourselves! :D)

The Bazaar

Dinner $44

Choice of Appetizers

Please select one dish from the following section:

Gazpacho estilo Algeciras, traditional gazpacho
Tortilla de patatas “new way”
Potato foam, egg 63, caramelized onions

Japanese taco
Grilled eel, shiso, cucumber, wasabi, chicharron

“Philly cheesesteak”*
Air bread, cheddar, Wagyu beef

“Hilly cheesesteak”
Air bread, cheddar, mushrooms

Choice of Entrees

Please select three dishes from the rest of our menu:

In celebration of the Spain’s great canning tradition
Green asparagus labne, macadamia nuts
Mussels olive oil, vinegar, pimentón*
West coast oysters lemon, black pepper

Catalan style toasted bread, tomato
Jamón Serrano Fermin (2 oz)
Dry cured ham
Embutidos platter
Chorizo, lomo, salchichon

Catalan spinach
apple, pine nuts, raisins
Catalan style roasted red pepper, onion, eggplant
Green asparagus tempura
goat cheese, oranges, almonds
Papas Canarias
salty wrinkled potatoes, mojo verdé
vegetable stew, tomato, egg 63
Pa’amb tomaquet
Catalan Style toasted bread, Manchego, tomato

“The ultimate Spanish tapa!” Ensaladilla rusa
potatoes, carrots, mayo, tuna belly*
Sautéed shrimp
Garlic guindilla pepper
codfish fritters, honey alioli
Sea scallops
romesco sauce

Butifarra Senator Moynihan
Catalan pork sausage, white beans, mushrooms
Beef hanger steak
piquillo pepper confit
Boneless chicken wings
green olive purée
Croquetas de pollo
chicken and béchamel fritters

Jicama wrapped guacamolé
Micro cilantro, corn chips

Organized Caesar
Quail egg, parmesan

Apples and fennel
Manchego cheese, walnuts, sherry vinegar

Baby beets
Citrus, pistachio, olive oil goat cheese

Brussels sprouts
Lemon purée, apricots, grapes, lemon air

Choice of Desserts

Please select one of our desserts:

Traditional Spanish Flan
Vanilla and fruit
Creamy Chocolate Heart
Coffee and cardamom
Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta
Apricots and muscat gelatin
Ice Cream and Sorbet Selection

The Raymond

Dinner $34

Choice of Appetizers

Sashimi of Seasonal Fish
With appropriate garnish

Crispy Pork Belly & Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple
Apple, celery and chili

Grilled Japanese Octopus
Tarragon infused cantaloupe, Hawaiian hearts of palm, saffron-lemon vinaigrette

Choice of Entrees

Axis Venison from Texas with Italian Lardo
Glazed Turnips, Nasturtium, Smoked Potato

48-Hour Braised Short Ribs
Served on the bone with grilled asparagus & classic mashed potatoes

Roasted Chicken
Bacon roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted potato, roasted chicken jus

Choice of Desserts

Caramelized Pound Cake
Honey-butter pluots, candied cashews, toffee crisp & buttermilk sorbet

Flexible Chocolate Ganache
Ancho Chili Marshmallow, crème de cacao gelee, pomegranate cake and maple ice cream

Crème Brulee
Classic in preparation, offered with Fresh seasonal fruits

Waterloo & City

Dinner $34

Choice of Appetizers

Potted Pork and Truffle Parfait
Potted Pork and Truffle Parfait, Toasted Brioche, Cornichons

Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad, Poached Egg, Dried Prosciutto, Anchovies

Butternut Squash Soup
Butternut Squash Soup, Candied Walnuts, Craisins

Choice of Entrees

Pappardelle Nero
Pappardelle Nero, Ciopino Broth, Calamari, Rouille, Fresh Herbs

House Merguez & Lamb Shoulder
House Merguez & Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder, Chickpea Revithia

Prime Beef & Bone Marrow Pie
Prime Beef & Bone Marrow Pie, Potato Puree

Choice of Desserts

Glazed Doughnuts
Glazed Doughnuts, Jam and Custard

Sticky Toffee Pudding
Sticky Toffee Pudding, Milk Ice Cream

Where to Eat During Restaurant Week