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What’s Up Spacecraft’s Sleeves For 2011

Fusion 64 coming to 6464 Sunset Blvd.
Fusion 64 coming to 6464 Sunset Blvd. Photo: SpaceCraft

Spacecraft, Kristofer Keith’s design firm is already looking at a boom year, letting us know that it’s got four new projects up its sleeves in the next few months, two with familiar names in our scene. The company is teaming up with Captiol City owner Curtis Nysmith on a Westside beer bar that features 120 draft brews at 10351 Santa Monica Blvd. to be called SmithHouse, at one-time called The Tap Room. Expect bare brick, exposed metal, and an touch of East Coast attitude. SpaceCraft is also currently at work on Eric Greenspan’s long-promised Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese and just put up a commissioned mural by artist Gypsy Rose to keep the Melrose project under wraps. And what’s planned for Sunset Blvd.?

Up above is a rendering of Fusion 64 at 6464 Sunset Blvd., which the firm is redesigning and constructing. Details on what will be served are fairly scant here, though it looks like a neighborhood wine bar and the name obviously suggests some inter-culinary relationships to come, though we don’t see a lot of room for rampaging hordes, so we’re guessing by-passers with poodles could be the target demo here. Silver Lake’s fratty Indian lounge TantraZ appears to be getting a re-haul by SpaceCraft too, with new plans for 3705 Sunset Blvd. also underway. Encouraging news is that the unnecessary and annoying “Z” appears forever banished from the end of its name here.

In addition to these new announcements, Spacecraft has previously revealed that it is working on Larry’s in Venice, the import of South America’s Osaka on Hollywood Blvd., massive MoHawk’s from the owner of Tony’s Darts Away in Silver Lake, Italian Pici in Beverly Hills, and the re-birth of 40 Deuce and BoHo. Get used to see the giant black and white logo everywhere, in other words.

What’s Up Spacecraft’s Sleeves For 2011