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What’s the Best Egg and Cheese, Please?

Photo: Zagat Buzz

A week after Zagat Buzz taste-tests the egg sandwiches at Peels, Joseph Leonard, the Breslin, M. Wells, and four others, a Times reader asks Sam Sifton to name his favorite egg-and-cheese bagel. He praises a version that’s cooked with ham and Swiss at Knapp Street Bagel Café in Sheepshead Bay, as well as the one at the deli across from his office. For what it’s worth, one of our cheap favorites happens to be near our office (no surprise there!).

At Grand Street Deli (Kelly Cutrone’s favorite), the Pequeno Almoco Da Avo (or “Portuguese Grand’ma Breakfast”) combines scrambled eggs, parsley, and (key ingredient) linguica, a smoked pork sausage made with red wine. It’s served on a Portuguese roll for $2.50.

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What’s the Best Egg and Cheese, Please?