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What to Eat at The Grove - Hayes Valley, Opening Next Week

Photo: Grub Street

Contrary to what we heard earlier, The Grove (301 Hayes at Franklin) won’t be opening their fourth branch in Hayes Valley this weekend. The manager says they’re now looking at sometime next week, though the exact day isn’t certain. But we have the menu for you, heavy on the breakfast and the comfort food, and even though it’s pretty much exactly like the other Groves, we figured we’d show it to you anyway… in case you’ve never been.


Served All Day

Granola served with bananas, strawberries & your choice of straus’ organic yogurt or milk 7.75

Oatmeal made from thick - rolled oats & milk, topped with strawberries, bananas, raisins, honey cinnamon & brown sugar 7.75

French Toast semifreddi’s sweet batard with maple syrup and fresh strawberries 8.00

The Breakfast Special two poached eggs, applewood smoked bacon, whole - wheat toast, hash browns 8.25

Breakfast Burrito scrambled eggs, hash browns, refried beans, cheddar, jack salsa & avocado 8.75

Healthy Eggs Pomodoro poached eggs, grilled zucchini, basil, & grilled bruschetta 8.50

Eggs Florentine poached eggs served over walferman’s english muffins, with arugula, roma tomatoes, & parmesan sauce, served with hash browns 8.75
“Dave’s Way” add bacon & avocado 2.00

Huevos Rancheros poached eggs in our house - made roasted chili sauce, avocado, refried beans, grilled corn tortillas 8.50

Omelets And Scrambles just the basic jack and cheddar, or add as many tasty fillings served with hash browns & buttered thick - sliced whole wheat toast 7.50

each as you like .75
add thick bacon 3.25
add aidell’s chicken -apple sausage 2.50
add hash browns 1.50


Sol’s Bagel sierra nevada band-churned cream cheese, smoked salmon, sliced red onion & tomato 8.00
add egg 1.00

Bubba’s Bagel
scrambled eggs, fontina cheese, ham, red onion and tomato 7.00

Steak And Eggs Bagel flank steak, scrambled eggs & cheddar 8.75

Berkeley Bagel
hummus, avocado, sprouts, sliced red onion & tomato 6.25

Raul’s Bagel
scrambled eggs, fontina cheese & thick - sliced bacon 7.50

Scrambled Egg & Melted Cheese 6.00

Housemade Soups And Chilis

Soups Are Served With Semiffreddis Toasted Sweet Basard, Chili Is Served With Oyster Crackers

Tomato - Basil Or Soup Of The Day cup 3.75 bowl 5.25
The Grove’s Signature French Onion Soup bowl 7.50
Chill Con Carne served with sour cream, cheddar, & scallions cup 4.75 bowl 7.25
Vegetarian Chili served with sour cream, cheddar, & scallions cup 4.25 bowl 6.50

Hot-Pressed Sandwich Platters

Sandwiches Are Served With Kettle Chips & A Pickle, Or Scarborough Farms Salad On Request. Substitute A Cup Of Soup For $1

Tuna Melt
our house - made mayo - free tuna salad with fontina cheese and roma tomatoes 8.50

flank steak, fontina, roasted sweet onions, hot and sweet peppers 9.50

Zoe’s Pastrami toasted - caraway mustard, oven - roasted tomatoes and watercress 9.25

Steak Florentine flank steak, arugula, tomato, avocado and salsa verde 9.30

The Cuban roasted porchetta, ham, and our custom citrus pepper sauce, pickles, ham & gruyere 9.50

Grove Grilled Cheese Platters

Sandwiches Are Served With Kettle Chips & A Pickle Or Scarborough Farms Salad On Request, Substitute A Cup Of Soup For $1

Sautéed Pear And Gorgonzola with sweet caramelized pears., creamy cheese & peppery greens’ 7.50

Bacon And Watercress avocado, fontina and salsa verde 7.50

Ham & Fontina with smoked paprika and fresh parsley 7.50

Three Cheese cheddar, gruyere, fontina and thinly sliced cornichons 7.00

Sandwich Platters

Vine - Ripened BLT romaine, thick - sliced bacon, mayo, tomatoes on grilled sweet batard 9.00

Turkey Club our vine - ripened blt loaded with house - roasted turkey breast 10.00

Grilled Garden Cheeseburger mayo, mustard, red onion, scarborough farms spring mix, tomato 8.75

Sloppy Joe simmered ground angus chuck, tomatoes & chipotle chilis topped with melted cheddar 8.75


Smoked Salmon Platter with capers, sour cream, red onions, sciabica extra - virgin olive oil & sweet batard 9.25

Cheese Plate from tomatoes bay creamery served with semifreddi’s sweet batard, grapes and candied, spiced walnuts 9.50

grilled flour tortillas, jack and cheddar cheese topped with our housemade pico de gallo salsa & sour cream 7.75

Hummus grilled pita, smoke paprika & olive oil 7.00

Nachos local la palma taqueria corn tortilla chips with cheddar, jack salsa, chili peppers, ripe avocado and sour cream 7.75


Entrees Are Served With Scarborough Farms Salad And Semifreddi’s Toasted Sweet Batard

Chicken Pot Pie chunks of chicken breast in a rich creamy broth with carrots & peas topped with a house - made savory oregano - pastry crust 10.00

Mac & Cheese jack, cheddar, fontina & a touch of blue cheeses with a toasted breadcrumb topping 10.00

Chicken Enchilada
house - made roasted dried red chile sauce, tender chicken, melted cheese, creamy avocado & sour cream 9.25

Lasagna bolognese sauce, fresh ricotta, mozzarella & parmesan 10.00


Classic Caesar romaine, parmesan, croutons, 8.75

add roasted chicken 2.50

Yucatan Chicken achiote chicken, sweet pickled red onions, tortilla chips sliced, avocado & a habanero vinaigrette 9.75

Apple Chicken Scarborough farms spring mix, granny smith apples, point reyes blue cheese & candied, spiced walnuts in a champagne vinaigrette 10.00

Moroccan scarborough farms spring mix, black oil - cured beldi olives, barissa garbanzos and feta cheese in a cumin vinaigrette 8.75

A Berkeley Bowl tomatoes, english cucumbers, red onions, ripe avocado, alfalfa sprouts & garbanzo beans piled on scarborough farms spring mix with our homemade ranch dressing 9.25

Chinese Chicken fresh shredded greens with cilantro, carrots, “wok” roasted chile spiced peanuts, roast chicken and orange sesame vinaigrette 10.00

Beet mixed greens, fresh beets, cucumber goat cheese & a tarragon - red wine vinaigrette 8.50

Tuna (Mayo - Free) On Scarborough Farms Spring Mix roma tomatoes & red wine vinaigrette 8.50

Desserts And Other Delights
Scrumptious Cakes 4.15
Giant Homemade Cookies 2.95
Organic Fruit Pies 4.15
Three Twins Organic Ice Cream 2.50

Espresso, Coffee And Other Hot Drinks

We Proudly Serve Jeremiah’s Pick, San Francisco, California

Espresso 1.85 / 2.10
Cappuccino 2.95 / 3.95
Cafe Mocha 3.80 / 4.50
Cafe Au Lait 2.10 / 2.55
House Blend 2.10 / 2.35
Chilled Espresso Frappe 4.00
David Rio Organic Masala Chai 3.75
Pot Of Loose Leaf Tea 3.50 / 5.00
Macchiatto 1.65 / 2.25
Latte 3.50 / 4.35
White Chocolate Mocha 3.80 /4.50
Cafe Americano 2.25 2.75
Hot Chocolate 3.00 3.80
Hot Apple Cider 3.25
Mocha Chai 3.80
Loose Leaf Tea Latte 4.00 / 6.00
Bracing Beverages
Iced Tea 2.25 / 2.50
Coke, Diet Coke, 7 - Up 2.00
Lemonade Or “Arnold Palmer” 4.00
Squeezed-to-order Orange Juice 4.00 / 5.25
Ratzlaff Ranch Apple Juice 3.50 / 4.25
Lavender Lemonade 3.00 / 3.50
Strawberry - Banana Smoothie 4.25
Honey - Orange - Vanilla Smoothie 4.25
Iced Chai 3.75

The Grove - Hayes Valley - 301 Hayes Street - Opening the week of January 17th

What to Eat at The Grove - Hayes Valley, Opening Next Week