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What to Eat at Med Kitchen, Opening Tomorrow

Med Kitchen
Med Kitchen Photo: courtesy of Thrillist

The Chicago hot dog may be our city’s most iconic quick meal, but if you’re walking around the Loop today you may feel like the pita is our new bun of choice. The number of Mediterranean restaurants in the Loop has continued to expand, thanks to new outlets from Oasis Cafe and I Dream of Falafel. At first glance, Med Kitchen can just seem like the latest entry in a crowded field. But this one is a little different, as it’s a homegrown Greek restaurant which is much beloved on the North Side. And if there is one thing we have recently learned from Tina Fey, it’s that Chicagoan’s love their Greek restaurants.

Med Kitchen is coming from the founder of Hub’s Restaurant, which has been dishing out hearty Greek fare since 1976. Though it’s not quite as famous as the Billy Goat sketch, the restaurant was parodied on Saturday Night Live in the early nineties. Apparently it birthed the catch-line, “You like-a da juice, ah?” Though we can’t find this on YouTube, we did find the transcript.

Anyway, the menu focuses most of its attention on sandwiches, though there are also some salads, too. You can pick between a pita or Lebanese wrap as your base, and then one of a number of meat and vegetable options. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see how their version of falafel stacks up to the dozen other versions available in the Loop, but we do have a copy of the menu, which you can check out below.

Med Kitchen Menu [PDF]
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Med Kitchen, 219 W Washington, Chicago, IL 60606; 312-606-0633

What to Eat at Med Kitchen, Opening Tomorrow