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West L.A.’s New Steingarten Opening in Early February

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Who would have forecast a boom in Germanic spots prior to the popularity of Wurstkuche? We got Spoc’s (now closed), we got KTown’s Biergarten, we have a Westside Wurstkuche location coming to Venice, and in about two weeks, we’ll have Steingarten LA on Pico in West L.A. A joint venture between a U.S. and German company, the restaurant plans on offering a 156-seat biergarten of its own in back of the spacious, dark stone interior, complete with a retractable sunroof. And the food and brew?

According to its director of operations, Steingarten will serve only “gourmet” craft beer, with 20 varieties on tap and over 25 in the bottle. The menu will feature grass-fed, hormone-free beef for burgers, organic salads, sandwiches, German dishes, and bar food. Oh and of course, the main feature will be sausages, made in a factory outside of the restaurant that is owned by the company.

Sausages will be both authentic and exotic, with Southern-sourced alligator and bison included, as well as a wild Alaskan salmon sausage that the partner claims is the first of its kind. The bread here will come from what he calls a “famous bakery” and he hints that the chef is working on something truly unique and special to the restaurant, but he’s not telling at this point while the chef (who he is also keeping a secret for now) works on the recipe.

A recent trip to Wellsbourne showed that a concept destination that’s executed well will draw an overflow of students, a little to our chagrin. A biergarten where the sausages and brew are flowing will no doubt pack them in as well. Let’s just hope it leaves some room for older alkies during the summer vacation period.

Steingarten LA, 10543 W Pico Blvd. West L.A. 310-441-0441.

West L.A.’s New Steingarten Opening in Early February