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Two Boots Pizza and Umamicatessen Elected to Bring Back Broadway

Forget about 7th Street for a second. Will Downtown’s Broadway ever rebound to the former glory suggested by its ornate architecture and early 20th century theaters, whose marquees now advertise for thrift markets and preacher pop-ups? If councilman José “He’s Making a List, He’s Checking It Twice” Huizar has anything to say about it, maybe so. A re-development project is underway in the grimy historic corridor, and apparently Two Boots Pizza and the recently announced Umamicatessen have been elected to lead the way.

According to a press release, Huizar is the initiator of “Bringing Back Broadway,” a movement in its third year that seeks to bring business, fame, and foot-traffic (which it actually has, albeit with a different demographic than council-people usually have in mind) to the area. Huizar, Umami’s Adam Fleischman, a rep from Two Boots Pizza, and Steve Needleman from Anjac Fashions Buildings will announce details behind the two new restaurants and the bigger picture behind the initiative tomorrow morning at 9:00 A.M. at The Orpheum Theater.

Not a lot of new details on Umamicatessen, but there is confirmation that it’s to be a burger joint, a deli, a bar, and a dessert bar that includes “rotating concepts from some of America’s greatest chefs.” However, we don’t think that includes chefs from Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, or Venezulea. Probably not, but Fleischman will flesh out more of the details tomorrow and possibly drop clues as to who these famous toques happen to be.

Two Boots Pizza will also rise up on Broadway, giving the creative New York pie-slingers their second location in L.A., while the city gets its umpteenth redevelopment project that seems to favor New York-based restaurants over our own local heroes (we’re just saying). BlogDowntown announces its location at the former home of Husky Boy, between 8th and 9th Street.

It’s been awhile since Broadway Bar took the first intrepid steps towards making the corridor a city-wide draw. It’s easy to imagine an ambitious new project from Umami bringing Angelenos far and wide for a look and depending on who the famous names are, possibly drawing the food-world at large in for a taste.

Two Boots Pizza and Umamicatessen Elected to Bring Back Broadway