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Stefan Richter: Out with the Old, In With a Steakhouse

The Stefan's on Montana space is up for lease
The Stefan’s on Montana space is up for lease Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

“Got to get rid of all the old stuff to get the new stuff going,” Top Chef’s Stefan Richter says on his Facebook page. He must be referring to Stefan’s on Montana, the Santa Monica project that didn’t exactly lift off the ground as planned. The space is up for lease and a website has been taken down, while a neighbor tells us the business shuttered after Stefan failed to get a liquor license for the project. So what’s going to be the new exactly?

Exposing ourselves yet again to the chef’s website, in which he literally describes himself as a “cocky,” “irresistible” “visionaire” (at least he plays “Louie Louieinstead of Journey), we see Richter has plans for Stefan’s Steakhouse, described as “Coming Soon” on the page. This must be the new project Eater referred to yesterday where Stefan is looking for chefs. A steakhouse…sure, sounds acceptable enough.

Also apparently not working out for Stefan? That long-term relationship covered in the L.A. Times that actually made us think, for a second, that he might be kind of a decent, non-pervy-type-dude. Yup, we hear the couple recently split up. That means he’s available ladies, and no doubt looking.

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Stefan Richter: Out with the Old, In With a Steakhouse