Plenty to Open on Passyunk Ave. Next Week

Tim McGinnis
Tim McGinnis Photo: Courtesy Adam Erace/Meal Ticket

Tim McGinnis, the former Philly Kitchen Share Culinary Director who Grub Street mentioned a few weeks ago had assumed a new role at East Passyunk Ave.’s forthcoming Plenty, sent word this morning that the café-boutique deli and prepared food shop is opening on February 1. Along with Plenty partner Jesse Spalletta, McGinnis will offer a selection of artisanal foods made mostly in-house from seasonal, farm-raised products. Housemade deli meats will stock the shop’s refurbished 50s era deli cases, and every manner of historic techniques from sausage making and curing to smoking fish and cheese-making will be employed to supply the rest of the shop. Click through for the menu.

Charcuterie (Deli)

Tasso ham, herbes de provence, cayenne

Mesquite smoked brisket, Texas dry rub

Whiskey chicken, mesquite smoke, Jack reduction

Fennel cured Gravlax, dill

Turkey leg confit, cloves

Sides in case

Roasted Brussels sprouts, pecorino

Roasted beets, dill, pistachio, house ricotta

Mashed red bliss potatoes, chives

Mac n’ mornay

Pasta, broccoli rabe, sharp provolone

Main Proteins in case

Coq au vin, mushrooms, red wine

Three meat meatballs, pork, beef, cured meat, red sauce

Pulled pork shoulder, oregano bbq sauce

Mesquite smoked brisket, Texas dry rub

Vegan red bean jambalaya

Grab & Go Dinners

Open-faced mushroom ravioli

Mesquite smoked beef, mac n’ mornay

Coq au vin, mashed potatoes

Pasta and meatballs


Beet greens, beets, egg, dill, pistachio, raisins, Maytag blue cheese, pickled red onion, lemon vinaigrette

Winter greens, candied hazelnuts, cranberries, Dijon vinaigrette

Classic Caesar

Vegan Caesar


Sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, gorgonzola, balsamic (Panini)

Tasso ham & Gruyere, creole mayo (Panini)

Gravlox, dill, caper, red onion cream cheese, lemon zest

Whiskey chicken, celery, celery seed, Tennessee whiskey reduction

Roast turkey breast and dark meat with brie and Cumberland sauce


Chicken noodle

Potato leek

Vegan white bean and escarole


Pastured chicken (Free Bird)

Plenty to Open on Passyunk Ave. Next Week