Organics From Vending Machines; 100 Year-Old Twins Credit Good Eating Habits

• A measure passed recently by Congress affects all food sold in schools, including vending machine contents. This is spawning an organic vending industry, which unfortunately is run by people who make statements like, “We’re at the beginning of a major movement in vending.” [Today/MSNBC]

• L.A. Times bites on that Stillhouse Moonshine we keep getting pitched on, a “whiskey light” that is served at Cecconi’s, Roger Room, Hungry Cat, Hemingway’s, and Copa D’Oro. [L.A. Times]

Despite earlier rosy reports, the restaurant industry’s recovery might be a sluggish one, which sounds more like the reality we’re seeing with the recent rash of high-profile closings and endangered restaurants. [Reuters]

• One of two twins who will both turn 1000 this Sunday credits eating “good food” as the key to longevity. [L.A. Times]

• Colony Capital has purchased a $35 million stake in Sam Nazarian’s SBE. [L.A. Business Journal]

• West L.A.’s Sawtelle will be taken over this Saturday by Bock Fest, which celebrates the malty winter German lager. [L.A. Times]

• Walgreen Co plans to add food to 400 stores in so-called “food deserts,” urban areas where access to fresh goods and produce is scarce. Perhaps someone at the company read this article! [Reuters]

• Wonky weather has affected U.S. corn and soybean crops, and higher prices for those commodities may push up food costs overall. Michael Pollan, are you off somewhere penning an op-ed? [USAT]

• An iconic restaurant in Brisbane, Drift Cafe, situated on pontoons in the river, is now almost completely submerged in the floods washing through that city. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Organics From Vending Machines; 100 Year-Old Twins Credit Good Eating Habits