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More Details on Ing and the Dining Designation of the World

We knew the name, and where it’d be located, but we still didn’t know exactly what Homaro Cantu had in mind with Ing, his new restaurant in the West Loop. Of course, we had ideas, but none of them quite prepared us for this. Talking to the Sun Times, Cantu claimed it would serve “comforting food, but creative,” and that “nothing on the menu will go over $25.” As for the name, it stands for “Imagining New Gastronomy.” Oh, and there’s much more.

Thomas Bowman, who is currently at Moto, will be running the kitchen at the new location. Trevor Hamblin will lead a team of inhouse brewers who hope to have a “new beer every three days.” As for the food, one should expect a load of “miracle berries,” a fruit that alters ones sense of sweet flavors. He’s been exploring the use of them on his TV show, Furture Food, and plans to make use of them often at Ing.

Also, with Ing opening up right next to Moto, and across the street from Next and Aviary, Cantu admitted that the little stretch of West Fulton Market would be “the number one dining destination in the world.” That’s quite a statement. We’ll be able to figure that out for sure on March 1, when Ing is plans to open.

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More Details on Ing and the Dining Designation of the World