Mimi Sheraton Dislikes Everything Except Lutèce and La Grenouille

Photo: Patrick McMullan

The other week, it was Steve Cuozzo griping about Williamsburg. Now, old-guard Times critic Mimi Sheraton, in an interview with Capital New York that serves to promote that Lutèce dinner we told you about last week, says she likes André Soltner and the way things were. But it sounds like she can’t stand pretty much everything else. A survey of the negativity, below.

On Brooklyn: “Anywhere I’ve been to there has not been worth the trip from Manhattan. I haven’t been to Al di la, because you have to wait on line, and I’m not going to Brooklyn to wait on line.”

And on the Times’ coverage of Brooklyn: “The Times has certainly been very exaggerated in its Brooklyn coverage, because most of them live there. They begin to see it as being better than it is because it’s so close to them. I would go to Brooklyn if it were exceptional.”

On Sam Sifton’s reviews: ““It’s food writing for an audience less interested in food and more interested in the experience and the theater of it … I don’t like it at all. I always told people what the place was like, but these long, long introductions about the scene — I usually skip the first column and a half and get to the food, because that’s what I think it’s about.”

On David Chang: “I really don’t take him seriously as a chef.”

On food trucks: “The truck thing, I don’t know how long that’ll last. I don’t know where they eat it, that’s what I can’t figure out about a truck. Where the hell do you eat it?”

Chow time: Mimi Sheraton and Andrew Soltner on what’s changed since Lutece [Capital NY via Sam Sifton/Twitter]

Mimi Sheraton Dislikes Everything Except Lutèce and La Grenouille