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Meet Your New Cooking Instructor: Jean-Francois Meteigner

Photo: La Cachette Bistro

French Master Chef Jean-Francois Meteigner, owner of L.A.’s acclaimed La Cachette for fourteen years before down-scaling in accordance with the times at Santa Monica’s La Cachette Bistro, is leading animal-specific cooking classes at the restaurant starting this month to be held going-forward once a Saturday every month. Meteigner will start with lamb, move onto classes that demonstrate how to select and prepare fresh fish and shellfish, and in the future, teach beef, poultry, and chocolate skills. Each class is open to all levels of experience and priced at $125, including lunch and wine, with reservations available at 310 434-9509. A full list of classes and what they’ll cover is below.

January 22
Lamb class
stew,roasting,braising different cuts of meat

February 26
salt and fresh water fish
buying quality fish how to recognized fresh fish
poaching grilling sautéing whole fish and fillets sauces too

March 26
Seafood Class
quality control
clams mussels lobsters scallops

April 23
beef class
grass fed or not grass fed ????
different cuts different techniques of cooking
braising sautéed roasting grilling

May 28
chicken and poultry
chicken quail pintade ducks

June 25

chocolate class
all techniques for truffles soufflés sauces yam yam

Meet Your New Cooking Instructor: Jean-Francois Meteigner