Max Fish Stays Afloat, Buys Another Year

Photo: Lauren Klain Carton

The old regulars have been coming out in droves to bid Max Fish good-bye (a tipster tells us Chloë Sevigny was in the house last Friday — it’s unknown whether she was with Pauly D), but Paper reports that owner Ulli Rimkus, who previously told us “it’s over; there’s no more negotiation,” has managed to strike a deal with the landlord that allows her to stay another year, “at which point Rimkus will have to find another location.” Good news, especially since it gives Rimkus a jump on finding a new locale. So that’s one bar saved (for now); now what can we do about Ruby’s (again in the news today) and Mars Bar?

Update: Max Fish and Pink Pony Will Pay a ‘Not Unreasonable’ Rent While Looking Elsewhere

Max Fish to Stay Open for Another Year [Paper]

Max Fish Stays Afloat, Buys Another Year