Legal Sea Foods Blacklisted Dinner Happens Tonight

Photo: Legal Sea Foods

At last, the night we’ve all been waiting for! That now-infamous blacklisted seafood dinner happens tonight at Legal Sea Foods’ Park Square location. AlterNet recently came out with a piece slamming four “reprehensible” seafood retailers. And guess who’s on the list?

Costco, Nobu, H.E. Butt … and Legal. Muses AlterNet: “It seems like Legal Seafood is encouraging consumers to mistrust the work and guidance of any number of scientists, environmental organizations, and progressive fishermen and aquaculturists around the globe. Why would scientists be trying to steer people away from safe, responsibly caught fish?”

Find our check-in with CEO Roger Berkowitz here.

Hat tip to MC Slim JB for calling it out.

Four Places You Should Never Buy Seafood From [AlterNet]

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Legal Sea Foods Blacklisted Dinner Happens Tonight