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LeBron James Sneaks Into Mastro’s For Date with Ciara; Lindsay Lohan Eats at Joe’s

Bad news Venice residents! Lindsay Lohan has left Hollywood behind for Dogtown, buying her own place in the seaside ‘hood. But there are temptations in that part of town as well, and already Lindsay’s been spotted hitting the town, stopping into Joe’s to meet up with former flame Samantha Ronson. At least, for now, there’s been no reports of her being dragged kicking and screaming to the Abbot Kinney curb. Elsewhere LeBron James tried to keep a low-profile, sneaking into Mastro’s for a date with Ciara that everyone picked up on anyway. And never concerned with being subtle, Kanye West picked up some groceries at Whole Foods, perhaps to start working off a holiday belly the press poked fun at. Don’t worry Kanye, we’ve got one too, just let us know when you’re free for a run up Runyon Canyon and we’re there dude. Where else did celebrities eat, date, diet, and drink in L.A. this week? Take a look.

Angelini: Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez had lunch yesterday and gave some face-time to a fan while waiting for her car to come. [Just Jared]

Beso: Eva Longoria took her parents out for a bite, before denying rumors she’d had any tattoos removed. At least someone is eating there! [Just Jared]

Cecconi’s: Sofia Vergara, Zoe Saldana, Kathy Griffin, and like everybody else, came for a Golden Globes pre-party that celebrated foot fetishes. Okay, it was really about high-fashion high heels. . This site must have a foot-fetish because it shows all of their footwear. [Style Bistro]

Frida: Paris and Nicky Hilton came to a birthday party for the owner, Kyle Richards. [Celebrity-Gossip]

Joan’s on Third
: Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried had a romantic breakfast with the actresses’ dog. [People]

: Not only did Lindsay Lohan move to Venice, but now she’s actually haunting Abbot Kinney, hanging out with ex-flame Samantha Ronson. Make sure to warm up those muscles, bouncers. [Examiner]

Loteria Grill: Charlize Theron sipped on a margarita while chatting with friends at the Hollywood location. [People]

Mastro’s: LeBron James ate dinner with Ciara, who he smooched not so discreetly, while in town to face The Lakers. [Player Press]

McDonald’s: Nick Jonas and his bodyguard grabbed some fast food to go. [Disney Dreaming]

McDonald’s: Bronx Wentz, son of Pete Wentz and Ashley Simpson, wobbled around with his sippy cup. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]

Off Vine: Christina Aguilera had a romantic dinner with Matt Rutler last night. Think they talked flannel shirts? [Celebrity Gossip]

Red O: Zoe Saldana and her lucky duck fiancee had dinner last night. Or maybe it was just her avatar. [Celebrity Gossip]

Real Food Daily: Joe Jonas stepped in to the vegetarian stronghold dressed all in black, cuz he’s really just a tortured soul straining against the chains of the Walt Disney Company, and not just a lame manufactured cog in the pop machine. [Celebrity Gossip]

Roger Room: John Mayer looked like an extra from Carlito’s Way while grabbing drinks with comedian Jeffrey Ross. [Gossip Center]

Spin Hollywood: Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren had a birthday jam for the actress’$2 32nd, with a ping-pong-themed cake. [People]

The Ivy: Ramona Singer and Countess Luann de Lesseps, a duo of dueling Real Housewives of New York, crushed their beef at the star-magnet restaurant. [Radar]

Whiskey Blue: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore attended a post-premiere party at the bar, while co-star Natalie Portman had a grilled cheese sandwich. [People]

Whole Foods: Kanye West wore leather pants despite having a little pot belly. Could a Jim Morrison-beard be on its way? [Daily Mail]

LeBron James Sneaks Into Mastro’s For Date with Ciara; Lindsay Lohan Eats at