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L.A.’s Much-Loved Umami Burger to Expand Nationwide

Well, Ozersky was just complaining that there’s no good national burger chain around. Lo and behold! Now the owners of L.A.’s Umami Burger mini-chain tell Nation’s Restaurant News that they’re in full-on expansion mode.

Yes, the burger that GQ recently christened the “Burger of the Year” will be be available in San Francisco before the end of the year. But then, we told you that last month! But the big news! Umami Burgers will soon dot the whole country! Well, a “modified version of the Umami Burger chain that will be modeled along the lines of a Chipotle.” (That sort of reminds us of how the original Pizzeria Uno in Chicago is pretty good, but then all the other ones suck.)

On a related note, do you know what we did last night? Went to a bar and ordered a plain cheeseburger, medium-rare. We have no idea where the beef came from, but it came on a Pepperidge Farm bun, with lettuce, tomato, and some slices of red onion. There was a decent pickle on the side and some fries. We got it with American cheese on top. The whole thing cost like $7 and it was delicious.

Red Medicine partner ready to move past critic controversy [NRN via Zagat]
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L.A.’s Much-Loved Umami Burger to Expand Nationwide