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Kimmy Tang’s 9021Pho Hits 91362

Tang slangs pho
Tang slangs pho Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Former Michelia chef-owner Kimmy Tang grand-opened the second location of her Vietnamese restaurant, 9021Pho, this past Saturday, only this time in Westlake Village, not Beverly Hills. Still, 9136Pho doesn’t quite carry the same charm, so the name remains the same, along with the menu and hours from the original. It’s certainly one of the stronger pho puns around town, but diners have been split on the experience, with Linda Burum giving it a sanguine endorsement in L.A. Times’ “The Find” column and Chowhounders getting brutal about it, something SinoSoul’s Tony Chen counters on the post with encouraging final words on the merits of its meats.

9021Pho, 30990 Russel Road, Westlake Village.

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Kimmy Tang’s 9021Pho Hits 91362