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John Gotti Jr. Dines With Travolta at Amici; Paris Hilton Buys a Cougar Burger from Baby’s Badass

Finally a star-sighting we wish we could have witnessed ourselves. Gambino bambino numero uno, John Gotti Jr., was dining at Santa Monica’s Amici this week. John Travolta joined the former crime family capo to ask permission to play his father in an upcoming film and apparently, John Jr. bestowed his blessing on to Vinnie Barbarino. Yeah, that’s it. We’re not gonna joke about this one and don’t try ‘n break our freakin’ balls about it, okay youse? While we continue looking out of our window in a paranoid manner, take a look at where else celebrities and true heavies have been dining in L.A. this week.

Amici: John Travolta approached John Gotti Jr. to ask if he could play his dad in a film. Whatddya gonna’ say to a ‘ting like ‘dat? Fuggedaboutit! [The Sun]

Baby’s Badass Burgers: Paris Hilton got a cougar burger. Nice to see her acting her age. [People]

Bouchon: Katie Holmes went to dinner with her girlfriends. Are those name-plate buckles on her shoes by any chance? [People]

Cafe Was: Eva Longoria had dinner with Penelope Cruz’s brother, Eduardo, on Wednesday night. [People]

Chateau Marmont: Damn, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, do you guys live here? Anyway, Lindsay Lohan came for dinner and said hi to them, but Sean Penn did not get in on the fun. [People]

Cleo: Hilary Duff nibbled tuna tartare with friends. [People]

Gladstone’s: Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer had lunch last Saturday, indulging in a bowl of Manhattan chowder, crab cakes, shrimp flatbread, shrimp cocktail, two bloody Mary’s, a latte, and a lemonade. [Grub Street]

Katsuya: Jessica Simpson got all faded at the restaurant and stumbled on her way out. Warning: the photo of her further fall-from-grace is rather scary. [The Superficial]

Katsuya: Victoria Secret model Marisa Miller hit the hot-spot with her husband, who has a similarly alliterative name, Griffin Guess. [Celebrity-Gossip]

Lucques: Shia LeBeouf had Sunday supper with a female stylist, which some called a date. Wonder if he ruins dates like he does with movies? [People]

Maui & Sons: Nicole Sherzinger attended last night’s opening, along with a bunch of other people who looked like people that are vaguely famous. [Grub Street]

Napa Valley Grille: Bruce Willis and his wife are repeat diners here, according to sources, and returned Tuesday for filet mignon and a free amuse-bouche from the chef. [Grub Street]

Nobu: Chirstina Aguilera went on a diet, er, a date we mean. [Just Jared]

Sushi Roku: Fergie and her husband Josh Doucheamel Duhamel took home a doggy bag after dining. [People]

Zen Foods: Zac Efron took food to go in some sort of really cool man-purse. [People]

John Gotti Jr. Dines With Travolta at Amici; Paris Hilton Buys a Cougar Burger