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Jane Fonda Drops in on Chez Panisse For New Year’s, Reveals Alice’s Beau

Richard and Jane on NYE.
Richard and Jane on NYE. Photo: Courtesy of Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda and her partner Richard Perry had a New Year’s Eve lunch at Chez Panisse Café, and then spent the evening partying at the restaurant, too — along with new friend Alice Waters. Jane posted about her jaunt to Berkeley on her blog, along with photos of what they ate. But more interesting to us: One party shot features Alice with her “beau” Greg (perhaps the younger blond fellow we heard about months ago?). See the evidence below.

Sleepy-eyed Alice, “Greg,” and Atlanta chef Scott Peacock in festive hat.

It’s worth noting that Jane had never before dined at Chez Panisse, and jumped at the chance when Alice wrote and invited her up for the holiday. She writes that her heart was “racing” as they approached the restaurant and that the food was “orgasmically great.”

We find it surprising, actually, that she and Alice weren’t better acquainted until recently, since Jane has a history in Berkeley. As Berkeleyside points out, she lived in Elmwood in the early 70s and met her second husband Tom Hayden at “a radical parent-participation nursery school in the south Berkeley neighborhood called Blue Fairyland.”

As for Alice and her beau, it seems we have confirmation of her status as an active cougar!

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Jane Fonda Drops in on Chez Panisse For New Year’s, Reveals Alice’s