Apocalypse Prep: A Guide to Eating Bugs

Yummy! Photo: iStockphoto

Scores of animals dying for no good reason! Snowpocalypses! If there’s one thing the week taught us, it’s this: The end times are near, if not already upon us. And Hollywood’s ever-expanding canon of postapocalyptic thrillers lets us know that as we teeter on the eve of destruction, all those birds falling out of the sky will get eaten up real soon, and then food will become one of our scarcest commodities out there. But don’t sink your teeth into a barbecued baby like those poor saps in The Road just yet! Have you considered eating … bugs?

Just in time, Slate publishes a handy guide for identifying which creepy crawlers, flyers, stingers, and stinkers are most palatable and offers some helpful tips on preparing and serving them. Do yourself a favor and print it out now. Because once the rapture comes, there won’t be an Internet to tell us what’s safe.

While scorpions and most other poisonous bugs are actually perfectly safe for consumption — cooking typically neutralizes their venoms — crickets and grasshoppers are particularly desirable. They’re like the filet mignon of the bug world! They’re meatier than most bugs, have little to no flavor of their own and, like tofu, take on the tastes of other ingredients with which they’re cooked. Sure, they’re not fresh-from-the-sky Arkansas blackbirds, but they’re gonna have to do.

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Apocalypse Prep: A Guide to Eating Bugs