How to Win Dinner With a Pornstar

Photo: Metro-Movies

More porn on our plates today? Eh, why not? It does, after all, go down easily. Celebrating their new-found love affair with the food world, the producers of The Flying Pink Pig are offering a “When Pigs Fly” contest. The prize? Dinner and a date with one of the female leads from the film and a paid trip to L.A. You choose the starlet, the activities, the restaurants, and even the hotel you cry yourself to sleep alone stay at. You also get $1,000 in spending money, which buys a ‘lotta pulled pork. So how exactly does one, ahem, enter?

Entries can be made online on Metro Movies’ site, which we strongly recommend you don’t look at while still at work. You fill out your contact information (which they call “your order”) and are instantly submitted to win. You probably don’t want to take your date to The Flying Pig’s new Downtown restaurant for a number of reasons.

The contest is open to all guys and gals and the winner will be chosen according to the most enthusiastic response as picked by the stars themselves. Simultaneously, a social media contest is launching on Metromovie’s Facebook and Twitter, with the person who “likes it,” tweets it, and writes posts about it the most getting “special consideration” and taking home some sort of, groan, boobie prize. So whether or not she’s thinking lobster and you’re thinking Burger King, here’s your chance to take a porn star on a date courtesy of the first food truck porn and certainly, given all this attention, not the last!

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How to Win Dinner With a Pornstar