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Gus Murad Selling Medjool; New Mission Theater Deal Close to Done

It turns out Gus Murad is kind of fed up with San Francisco! The Medjool owner and aspiring developer is so pissed that he couldn’t build condos over the Giant Value, a realtor friend tells Mission Local, that he’s selling off all his properties in the Mission. “He’s resigned from the Small Business Commission [following that illegal rooftop bar kerfuffle]. He resigned from the Business Improvement District. He’s got a new baby,” says realtor Colleen Meharry, who also owns the nearby building that houses Foreign Cinema. Meharry is working on the deal to sell the New Mission Theater to “a very hot group from New York” (rumored to be the people behind Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg), who will be obligated to restore the historic structure to its original glory.

Medjool is on the market now, along with the Elements hostel downstairs, for a combined $7.1 million. Meharry mentions that the deal to sell Giant Value for $4.5 million is also in process — and because of the historic stuff with the theater, we wonder if the bowling alley isn’t going in there. Sounding high on all the dealmaking, Meharry says that if her deal with the New York people — which would, if the rumors are correct, include Blue Ribbon who does food service at the Williamsburg bowling alley — goes through, it will be “the biggest thing I’ve ever done.” She adds, “Let me tell you, you think the Mission’s hot right now, but if this deal goes through the Mission is going to explode.”

Meharry, incidentally, is the daughter of longtime Laurel Village restaurateur Harry Meharry, who owned Miz Brown’s Feed Bag, and died in 2006.

Update: A rep for Murad denies that Medjool is really for sale, but admits it sort of is.

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Gus Murad Selling Medjool; New Mission Theater Deal Close to Done