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Grahamwich Gets Another Bad Review

Sula did enjoy the Turkey Confit...
Sula did enjoy the Turkey Confit… Photo: Huge Galdones/Galdones Photography

A couple days ago, Time Out weighed in with their one-star review of Grahamwich, and now a different publication continues the bad news. Mike Sula from The Chicago Reader was less inflammatory with his criticism, but he certainly didn’t have many nice things to say, writing that the sandwiches “fall short of what you’d expect from a $10 celebrity sandwich.” He questions the sweetness of each one, noting that “all but three are given some sort of pronounced sweet accent.” But his biggest issue was with the bread, which on “late-afternoon visits,” was “uniformly spent—either cold or rapidly losing vitality.”

He did enjoy the turkey confit sandwich, which had him “instantly transported to the cold, fridge-lit suburban kitchen of my parents’ house.” Still, too many of the sandwiches had flaws. The cheddar and curds on the grilled cheese melted poorly, “leaving clots of fat smeared on slick prosciutto,” and the “dug-out pretzel roll overwhelms the beef short rib.” Even the most “structurally sound sandwich,” the veggie tofu wrap, felt like it was from “a time capsule dug up from 1972, when something like this could’ve made waves.”

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Grahamwich Gets Another Bad Review