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Girl & The Goat Has Its Own Signature Bourbon

Better hurry up...
Better hurry up… Photo: courtesy of Twitter

Sure, your restaurant may have it’s own meticulously crafted house beer made from a respected local distillery, or even your own hive of bees feasting off “sage or buckwheat” all to create the best honey for your craft cocktails. But: How about creating your very own label of bourbon? We knew Stephanie Izard visited Kentucky back in September to pick up a barrel of whiskey for the Girl & the Goat. But what we didn’t know about this liquor quest was that some four months later the restaurant would have bottled “Goat Bandit” ready to pour for the public.

The bourbon came from Buffalo Trace, which won Distiller of the Year honors from Whiskey Magazine in 2005, 2006, and 2007. From the cases, it looks like she picked out barrels from the W.L. Weller stash, which, at least according to The World Atlas of Whiskey, means you can look for a “wheated bourbon” with “gentle mellowness.” As of last Friday, twenty cases are currently at the popular restaurant, though we imagine a bottle or two has already been used up by now.

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Girl & The Goat Has Its Own Signature Bourbon