Now Frito-Lay Wants a Piece of the Pie Trend

When we heard about the Frito Pie Remix cooking show, we suffered early nineties flashbacks involving MC Hammer and the Fat Boyz on a sound stage, menacingly waving bags of chips to and fro. Or maybe something along the lines of this Doritos-commercial audition by aspiring rapper Lil Cheesy. But no! Like everything else, it all comes back to pie!

In honor of National Pie Day (happening this Sunday — mark your calendars!), Fritos wants to remind us that they, too, can play the suddenly so-hip pie game. Surely you’ve overindulged with Fritos chili pie before? It’s delicious!

To that end, Fritos executive chef Stephen Kalil will star alongside a humble bag of Fritos in an extreme web-based cooking show on their specially created remix site. He’ll “remix” chili pie using all sorts of kooky ingredients submitted by you, the snacking public. (The original recipe involves a bowl [or bag] of Fritos, beef chili, cheese, and onions.) Potential ingredients include cheesy macaroni, pumpkin, pineapple, chocolate, and vanilla caramel corn, and really, sky’s the limit.

Beginning today, hopeful contestants can submit their ingredient suggestions to Frito-Lay in the hopes of achieving online programming glory. Bonus: The cooking demo’s underscored by a funky soundtrack, and Chef Stephen also performs some suave maneuvers with his Fritos bag. Just watch a sample episode. You’ll see!

Is this remix breakdown their way of staying edgy in case that wholesome “reuniting America” campaign fails?

Fritos Pie Remix [Fritos]
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Now Frito-Lay Wants a Piece of the Pie Trend