Freebird’s Drops Giant Burritos and A Street Party on USC Today

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

You’ve got to love the contributions California’s universities have given the world, whether it be the famous alumni (UCLA’s David Ho and Jack Black, USC’s Neil Armstrong and Sam Peckinpah ) or the great acronyms (like UCSB’s “U Can Study Buzzed” and USC’s “University of Spoiled Children”). Another phenomenon to make an impact since opening on the Isla Vista campus of UCSB is Freebird’s, home of giant burritos that have sponged up their share of cheap tequila and Natural Light while spreading to college-adjacent neighborhoods across the nation. Where is the newest location landing today?

Get In The Van!

Though it couldn’t possibly replace La Taquiza in the heart of Trojans, Freebird’s lands today on Figueroa, across from the school campus, with its selection of grass-fed beef, natural pork carnitas, fish, and chicken burritos and tacos in four sizes from big to really, really, really, really, big.

Freebird’s Plane

Lest it lack natural fanfare, the place is putting on a massive show today, with giant inflatable burritos, a creepy hippie van, and even a small plane buzzing overhead. This week, the chain has been partnering with groups like Union Rescue Mission and The Art of Elysium, and unlike that other neighbor new to USC, Chick-Fil-A, doesn’t appear to have any connections to anti-gay groups.

Check out the menu online via PDF, and let us know if you if like what they’re serving in our comments section.

Freebird’s, 3335 S Figueroa St. West Adams. 213-746-1212.

Freebird’s Drops Giant Burritos and A Street Party on USC Today