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Former Talula’s Table Partners Will ‘Square Off’ in Philly this Spring

Talula's Table pop up at Starr's Washington Square
Talula’s Table pop up at Starr’s Washington Square Photo: Collin Keefe

A couple weeks ago we wondered aloud whether Talula’s Table owner Aimee Olexy had the might and moxie to successfully pull off a restaurant in Stephen Starr’s shuttered Washington Square, the same place where Marcus Samuelsson and others failed. Now comes word that the other half of the original Team Talula’s, Olexy’s ex-husband Bryan Sikora, will square off against his former partner from the bistro coming this spring the ground floor of a.k.a. Rittenhouse. With both projects aiming for the same ambiguous opening date and a new rivalry brewing between the two high profile chefs, we can only wonder which one will have their business squared away and be ready to open first? [Insider]
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Former Talula’s Table Partners Will ‘Square Off’ in Philly