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Food & Wine Sings the Praises of Green Aisle; Le Virtu Starts Selling Sausages There

Green Aisle Grocery
Green Aisle Grocery Photo: Green Aisle Grocery

Green Aisle Grocery, the chichi East Passyunk Ave. grocer, which is owned by local food critic Adam Erace and his brother Andrew, just landed a pretty sweet spread in the February issue of Food & Wine. The piece features several of the Erace brothers’ recipes, including a country pate banh mi, which notes that Adam sometimes substitutes scrapple for pate. Why has no one thought of this before? Some what related, Green Aisle also just struck a deal with neighboring restaurant Le Virtu to carry some of its housemade specialties, like its pancetta, capocollo, duck Prosciutto and Cacciatorini sausages.

In addition to cured meats, Green Aisle will also stock jars of Le Virtu’s duck and lamb ragu, marinated zucchini and eggplant oreganata.

While on the subject of Le Virtu, it’s worth noting that the restaurant just introduced new incentives for restaurant industry folks. It’s giving those in the business twenty percent off their checks, and a $10 discount for cab fare Sunday through Wednesday evenings, between 9 and 11 p.m. A pay stub or business card must be furnished as proof of employment at a restaurant.

Food & Wine Sings the Praises of Green Aisle; Le Virtu Starts Selling