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Following Threats, Geoffrey’s Requests Sheriff’s Review of Role in Richardson Arrest

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Jeff Peterson, owner of Geoffrey’s, the famous Malibu restaurant that got a taste of infamy after Mitrice Richardson was arrested for not paying her $89.51 bill, has asked Sheriff Lee Baca to review its role in the incident, citing misstatements that have caused trouble for the eatery and its employees. Since the young woman went missing following her release from the Lost Hills Station, Geoffrey’s staff had received death threats and hate calls, Malibu Surfside News reports, incidents that increased after a department press conference announced the discovery of Richardson’s remains. The owner of Geoffrey’s feels blame was unfairly pinned on the restaurant’s shoulders and wants a few things cleared up by Baca, who’s word he feels, “is so powerful that it is critical that he have a true picture of events to present to the public.” What will be under Baca’s microscope here?

During the August press conference, Baca stated that the call came from “the irate owner or manager of the restaurant telling us to come and pick [Richardson] up.” Peterson claims that no one was irate, but just concerned for the woman, who was acting delusional, and wanted her to get medical attention. The phone call stated that, “We think she may…she sounds really crazy. She may be on drugs or something. We are wondering if you could come by and pick her up.”

Elsewhere, the Office of Independent Review, which watches over the actions and processes of the sheriff’s department, claims that the manager at Geoffrey’s “demanded” Richardson’s arrest and Baca had in the past questioned “[whether] defrauding an innkeeper of $89 is enough of a crime to take someone to jail?”

Many of the patrons who were dining at Geoffrey’s that night, as well as the tow-truck driver who took Richardson’s vehicle, have tried to stay quiet on the matter, not wanting to be caught up in the news or court. Peterson is hopeful that Baca will look into the specifics of Geoffrey’s involvement that night and straighten out any misconceptions that arose in the sheriff’s August announcement.

Malibu Restaurant Owner Asks Sheriff Baca to Look into His Department’s ‘Misstatements’ on Mitrice Richardson’s Arrest [Malibu Surfside News]

Following Threats, Geoffrey’s Requests Sheriff’s Review of Role in Richardson